We NEED to get Net Neutrality trending again.

This is enough. Ajit Pai has already succeeded MULTIPLE TIMES and you can expect the full removal of net neutrality on APRIL 23RD OF THIS YEAR. We can still contact our senators, we can still fight as hard as we can, but even though 23 states are supposedly suing for the repeal of this, we need to help it along.

In case people forgot what Net Neutrality is: it is a series of laws that ensure everyone free and fair access to the internet. Without them, you will be charged for the sites you use on top of an already high internet bill. This means creators like us cannot post and be seen. This means that smaller schools will have to switch to out of date text books. This means that starter IT projects that could make our lives better will die because no one can support an online presence that no one can afford to see.

And the list goes on and on and on. I have a friend who have to make their livings through commissions and working online because of multiple health issues. I have friends trying to publish books, post art, post voice acting snippets that will not be seen without these laws.

Please support Net Neutrality and contact your senators!!! This is so important to everyone you know, AND WE JUST NEED ONE SENATOR TO TURN THE TIDE!!!

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